About Epic Interactive Media Inc. we are a boutique digital marketing and web design. We also help attract customers through search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Our focus is on small businesses that want an external team of digital marketing specialists to help give their brand a leg up in the marketplace.

Here’s some of the ways we will help your business increase its market share:

  • Picking your battles: We tell you how to allocate your marketing dollars more efficiently by focusing on initiatives that maximize ROI and increase your company’s visibility.
  • Giving your brand a makeover: We will put together a strategic, consistent design that resonates with prospective clients, communicates your company’s niche value proposition and builds your brand. As a bonus, other businesses will start asking you, “Have you been working out?”
  • Not breaking the bank: Our low-cost marketing fits within your budget. Because we work on a per-project basis, you get high quality at a low-cost of maintaining your own internal digital marketing department.

What does Epic Interactive Media Inc. do?

Epic Interactive Media Inc. gives your business that professional look. We design every aspect of your business — for logos, websites, brochures, sales proposals, etc. We also develop a digital marketing strategy to help you reach and gain new clients. Also because having the more awesome business in the world doesn’t do you any good if people never hear about it, we boost your web visibility through search engine optimization (SEO), search engine markting (SEM), email marketing and social media marketing.

Our goal is to make great design accessible to small business. Epic Interactive believe that every company, no matter how small or big, deserves an effective strategy that tells its unique value proposition. When you work with Epic Interactive Media Inc., you’ll experience the value and success that come from having a compelling brand identity.

Dress for success

Creating your company’s image is like building a buying a new wardrobe and we want to make sure you’re not wearing cut off jean shorts in a sales meeting. Looking good builds confidence in your clients and gives you the credibility you’ll need to grow your business. Like a new tie or a fancy pair of shoes, we’ll highlight the things that make your business unique, and tailor your brand message to target your ideal audience.

Who does Epic Interactive Media work with?

Epic Interactive Media Inc. works with any small business that does not employ a large internal digital marketing department. Typically small businesses employ a VP of Digital Marketing or Digital Marketing Coordinator but do not have sufficient marketing staff to implement an aggressive, full-scale marketing team. This is where Epic Interactive Media Inc. comes in.

Epic Interactive Media Inc. acts as an outsourced digital marketing department for small business. Our staff includes specialists in marketing areas pertinent to small business. This outsourced marketing concept has worked for many types of small businesses including professional services companies, CPA and accounting firms, business sustainability consultants, law firms and start-up businesses.

About Epic Interactive Media Inc. March 30, 2016