Content is King!

There is a saying about website and web marketing that states, “Content is king!” This is very true. You can have the best looking website and be driving your ideal customer there, but content is what really makes people stay. The Epic Interactive Media team has a network of copywriters who can help you develop dynamic content for your website.

Industry-specific Copywriters

Unlike other agencies that have only one or two copywriters, Epic Interactive Media opts to have a network of marketing copywriters specializing in different industries. The copywriter will interface with the client, the marketing team, and the SEO Director as the web content is being created. The copy will not only convey your company’s unique value proposition, but also include critical keywords that will increase its keyword density. The higher the keyword density, the more prominent the website will be on search engines.

Communicate the Company Culture

Our copywriters interview the company principals and truly get to know the personality of the organization. They ensure the company culture shines through in the web text. Epic Interactive Media copywriters also establish a consistent voice throughout the website, further solidifying your brand positioning.


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Copywriting April 2, 2016