An SEO Expert’s Comprehensive Guide to White Hat Link Building

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Trying to raise your ranking on Google?

It is a common goal among SEO enthusiasts. Many people throughout Google’s lifetime have tried every possible way to raise their ranking from stuffing keywords in their works, optimizing meta tags, trading links with others, and spamming comments on their websites.

Google has made many changes to its algorithms since then, and raising rankings has become much harder. Now, those trying to exploit the system by using the aforementioned black hat tactics get punished. So, how are you going to raise your ranking now?

Through white hat link building.

Link building is one of the best ways to improve your SEO score, but what is white hat? In essence, they are legitimate ways that you can use to earn your ranking. Read what we have below to see how you can improve your SEO while staying in Google’s good side.

1. Link to Quality Content in your Content

The quality of a page’s content is another way you can improve your SEO score and it even increases your score better than building links.

Putting those 2 together can guarantee you a big improvement to your score. The way to do this is by making your own quality content first. After all, readers of blogs and articles do so because they enjoy what they’re reading.

Once you’re done with your article or blog, you need to search for another quality article/blog to link to. Search for one that also relates to what you’ve written. It makes sure your links are easier for search engines to rank.

2. Approved Comments

This tactic has the potential of giving you a big surge of traffic to your website. The way this goes is you leave a comment on another person’s blog page or website that relates to your link in any way.

Leaving a comment on a blog makes it possible for other people to see your link. However, whether they click on it or not will depend on what you say on the comment.

Often, leaving a comment that’s only a link will result to it looking like a suspicious link or a spam and more often than not, moderators will remove it without hesitation. So, you should have a small intro explaining where your link goes. This not only makes your comment look less like a bot’s but also helps readers feel secure in clicking your link.

Sometimes, websites screen comments before they posting them. In these cases, it’s best you address the people who run the website in your comment. You are, after all, posting an advertisement on their virtual property.

Tell them your intent and what your website is about. Also, tell them how it would benefit them if they post your comment. Often, as long as the content of your link is wholesome to them, they’ll approve and post it on the comment section.

3. Hunting for Broken Links

Relying on the old “I scratch your back, you scratch mine” method, this tactic has you doing a small favor in order to have your link included on their sites. This also has you scouring the internet in search of broken links.

Using this tactic means spending more time looking for links than doing actual work, so you should make sure you have a decent number of articles/blogs in your backlog before you do this. What you do is look for broken links on a website you wish to have your links posted in.

Leaving a link or page broken is a common mistake made by many websites, so you should have little trouble looking for one. Once you’ve found one, send an email to the website about the broken link.

In one of Google’s updates, they rank websites with broken links lower than they should be. Doing this not only helps a website fix its issues but also helps increase their SEO score. This makes it easy for you to ask for a favor from them in return.

4. Linking to Resource Pages

The main reason you should be linking to other pages is to help your readers learn more. Many people consider resource pages to be one of the lowest ranking and underrated ways to build white hat links. Links like these both help your readers and the community of the resource page.

Sharing links to online resources like dictionaries and other tools will help your reader understand your content better. Other resources too, like calculators, and online converters are also helpful. These allow people to make certain decisions on the go.

To make the most out of this, you should consider making your own online resource to link to. You’ll drive more traffic to other pages of your website this way. This can also increase your rankings on Google.

That said, make sure the resources you link to are functional and helpful. There is no sense in linking to a broken link. So, be sure to check your resources every now and then.

5. Giveaways and Other Promotional Events

Promotional giveaways are one of the best link building tools available to you. These kinds of link last for as long as the giveaways and they are easy to secure on other websites.

A target audience is also easy to pin down with these links. All you need to do is look for a demographic, look for a website that caters to them, and you make your offer.

This way of building links also allows you to target websites that have more authority. Government websites, educational ones, and even military site are all potential mediums. All you have to do is reach out to them and try to sell your giveaway.

Since it provides benefit for their demographic, you can post your links to their pages with ease. You can offer giveaways, discounts, and anything their audience can find useful.

Use these White Hat Link Building Tactics to Improve SEO Now

These white hat link building strategies will allow you to improve your SEO score while staying off of Google’s naughty list. Whitehat link building is a long-term investment, so get started today!

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