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Google AdWords PPC Services What Is Adword & How to use Keyword & Pay Per Click For Traffic 940x386

Google AdWords, a must have for every business…!!!

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Google AdWords Services

Google AdWords PPC Services is a low-cost and effective service that’s good for online businesses. If you own an online e-commerce website, AdWords gives your website the extra boost of traffic you need to sell your products or services. Google AdWords helps by providing you with different types of google AdWords tools like Ad creation, keyword research, conversion Tracking, site-link Extensions, A&B Ad Testing, Re-marketing and Month-end Custom Reporting. As a Digital Marketing Agency we provide Google AdWords Services and much more Digital Marketing Services to help you grow your business.

What Is Google AdWords

Google AdWords is the world’s largest keyword auction and one of the world’s biggest markets. Companies that uses Google AdWords bid on keywords that drive traffic to their website’s from potential customers that used Google search engine to find the products and service they are looking for. If a Google AdWords campaign is managed correctly, the campaign manager would only bid on relative keywords that turns into an actual purchase. This is where strong knowledge of keyword research helps. Understanding root keywords and long tail keywords are important when selecting keywords for the search auctions. The gold is to find keyword relative to the landing pages and product or services so the potential customer will convert into a long-term paying customer.

How to Use Google AdWords

When we using Google AdWords at Epic Interactive Media Inc. there’s a few things we like to focus on. Those things are in-depth keyword research, quality score improvement, landing page optimization and Ad optimization. Google advertising starts with in-depth keyword research; we use a few online tools before we settle on what keywords to us for a client. To name a few, here’s a short list.

  1. Google Keyword Planner
  2. Worktracker
  3. Longtail Pro

With all new things, there’s a learning curve to understanding how to use this keyword research tools but after trial and error and research you’ll get the hang of it in few months or so. In terms of quality score improvement, page optimization can really help improve your google pay-per-click quality score. For page optimization you will need to have some SEO knowledge to be able to perform page optimization. This involves applying those keywords you done in your research. These keywords have to be applied to H1, H2, H3 & H4 tags, meta descriptions, image alt text and site tags. This part is time-consuming and takes a lot work and effort to be done correctly. The last part is how to use google AdWords is Ad optimization. When we optimize ads at Epic Interactive Media Inc. we run ads against each other and let the ads fight it out to see which one pull in the most traffic. First we test ads with the same body description but different titles. Next, we test the same title but different body description and so one, I’m sure you get the point. We also have a lot of other techniques to get your ads optimized.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Google AdWords keyword Planner tool provides you with relative keyword based on google search results over the past year. The keyword planner shows avg. monthly searches, it shows high, medium and low competition and it shows suggested bid amounts. Looking at these components will help you make an informed decision on what keywords to select for your AdWords campaign.

Google AdWords PPC Services What Is Adword & How to use Keyword & Pay Per Click For Traffic

Google AdWords Keyword Planner Match Types

The keyword Planner also uses match type as a way to get creative and capture different types of keyword that you may not be aware of. Here’s a list of the match you should be familiar with;

  1. Exact Match
  2. Broad Match
  3. Modified Phrase Match
  4. Phrase Match

Understanding these match type can really help you out with your Google AdWords campaign. Another tip for Google AdWords is Negative Keywords. Negative keywords are words that user’s use when they are not searching to make purchase but are looking to gain knowledge of a topic or to research a particular topic. A strong negative keyword list is good for driving off any wasted clicks or traffic that doesn’t convert into a sale. Some examples are;

  1. Free
  2. Compare
  3. Understand

At Epic Interactive Media Inc. over the years we compiled a list of over 100 negative keywords that’s useful for PPC campaigns. Another useful tool the keyword planner has is Geo targeting. Geo targeting can be used for local PPC and Local SEO. You can select targeted areas or regions that know your product or service and has a demand for your product. By focusing in on specific areas you can eliminate any unnecessary spend on advertising dollars. Or another way to look at it, is you can use Geo targeting to find high demand for your product or services by doing keyword research in specific area and to see where the is demand greatest.

Now That You Know What Pay per Click Is

I recommend starting a Google AdWords account today. If you don’t have time, we have certified AdWords professionals that can get you started with one of our AdWords PPC packages. New accounts receive $100 credit. Give us a call at 310-310-4397!


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